Tallahassee Democrat Review

Reparation was reviewed by Donna Meredith in the Tallahassee Democrat on January 19, 2014. You can find the full review here.

Some excerpts:

“Ruth Rodgers’ debut novel, Reparation tells the poignant story of a friendship in the 1940s between two girls—one black, one white. Yes, it’s another story with race relations at its center, a story the South must tell and retell because each iteration takes us one step further toward understanding and healing the wounds of the past.”

“A warning: the historically accurate use of the “n” word and similar slurs may offend some readers, but sugarcoating the language would have destroyed the realism of the novel.”

“…the novel’s portrayals of Southern culture and the layers of power, intrigue and class in small town America ring true.”

“With memorable characters and strong plot, this literary novel is well worth reading. Since it is also a mystery, the story should appeal to a wide audience.”



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